Baron's South


Welcome to another in the 'virtual tour' series! Better bring your digital walking stick... We're going to the Baron's South property in Westport, CT, and it is hilly!

Area Map

Our host, the Westport Parks and Recreation Department, tells us:

"The land and buildings known as the Baron's South is actually made up of seven parcels of land, five on South Compo Road and two on Imperial Avenue. In 1867, at least part of this land was owned by the Winslow family who resided across the street in a mansion on what is now Winslow Park. Over the years, pieces were sold off and houses built. In 1967, Baron von Langerdorff, founder of Evyan Perfumes, purchased the property. He created the first American perfume, "White Shoulders", in his laboratory located on the estate. The property, a rolling woodland compound, had formal gardens and estate landscaping. The Baron raised some exotic flowers in the gardens and green house for use in his perfumes created on the property. During Baron von Langerdorff's ownership, the property was called "Golden Shadows", along with the present main Georgian-style brick house. The Town of Westport purchased the 22+ acre parcel in January, 1999."
Site Map

Golden Shadows

Let's hike in to the main house first... These buildings are usually not open to the public, but today, we're welcome.

Golden Shadows

Strolling about the first floor, we see several large rooms. What a view, through that bay window!

Golden Shadows' Bay Window
Golden Shadows' Large Room

The metalwork gleams in the Butler's Pantry. Golden Shadows' Butler's Pantry

An elegant staircase beckons upstairs... but we are off to another building. Golden Shadows' grand staircase

70 South Compo Rd.

This 1910 Tudor Style residence is considerably less elegant outside. It is 4,640 sq. ft in size, located atop a hill overlooking South Compo Road.

70 South Compo Rd

It also needs some roof work. House #2 roof

When it's open, we can walk around on the left side, facing Compo Road South. 70 South Compo, front

From the porch, an open door bids us enter. Porch door

The rooms here are smaller and less elegant.

And the kitchen has not been remodeled lately. Stove Sink
Skipping the several small rooms upstairs, we walk outside...

52 South Compo Rd.

Passing in front of Golden Shadows, we cross over to 52 South Compo Road. This was the Visitor's Guest House. It's a 1916 Tudor Style, with a 2-car garage and chauffeur's apartment above, adding up to 2,934 sq. ft.
52 South Compo Rd
This house, too, has a room with a view. Room with a view

Though the ceiling needs some work in another spot. Hole in ceiling


Time to go... Let's stroll through the trees and along the paths and admire the landscape. Exploring the hills
Quiet pathway

21 Imperial Avenue

Though we aren't going inside, we walk past 21 Imperial Avenue. It's a 1900 house with a garage (to rear), also purchased by the Town. 21 Imperial Avenue

Other Buildings

Our tour did not visit 33 Imperial Avenue, an Adirondack-type 3-car garage, or 72 South Compo Road, a 1910 caretaker's cottage, close to the road. Perhaps another time!


That concludes our tour. Thanks for coming!

Copyright (C) 1999, Walter D. HarrisComposed using Emacs and Xv on the Linux operating system. Images recorded with a Nikon Coolpix 900 digital camera. Maps scanned with a Hewlett Packard flatbed scanner. Background information and maps thanks to Westport Parks and Recreation Department.